About Us

Over the past 10 years, OpalCorp Construction Services (OpalCorp) has grown to become one of the most reliable, efficient and respected construction and property maintenance firms in South East Queensland.

We are committed to remaining a leader in assisting you with your property maintenance, renovation, construction, office fitout and alteration requirements.

OpalCorp has built an advantageous reputation for delivering quality service and timely solutions for property managers, commercial and domestic customers, clearly evident through referral and repeat business with our satisfied customers.

OpalCorp has a team of professional and talented tradespeople with the qualifications and experience to ensure all of your needs are accounted for under the one roof.

With its head office in Yatala – Queensland, our network extends to Brisbane and the surrounding suburbs and back down to the northern suburbs of the Gold Coast.


OpalCorp Vision

To be the leading provider of first class quality and service in the fields of construction, renovations and property maintenance.

OpalCorp Mission

To consistently attend to and deliver timely, quality property services, offering superior value by a professional and passionate team committed to excellence in customer service.

OpalCorp Values

The characteristic of every first class company is a solid commitment to invariable values that impact on every activity it undertakes. OpalCorp is one such organization and its values are very clear:

> Leadership
> Reliability & Consistency
> Innovation
> Collaboration
> Respect & Honesty
> Competitive Spirit
> Quality
> Efficiency
> Safety


There are a range of advantages available to you if you decide to engage our services for your next project or ongoing property maintenance. OpalCorp will always strive to make sure you are satisfied with our service as we rely exclusively on customer referrals for our new business and our business strategy is based solely upon developing long term relationships.

Some of the immediate advantages you will experience with us include:

> All of your needs available from one source
> We have core trades ‘on staff’ – Plumbers & Drainers, Carpenters, Tilers, Painters & Plasterers.
> Knowing that you have reliable professionals completing your work
> Takes away the worry of finding the right person for the job
> We ensure that our sub-contract tradespeople all have th required licenses and insurances necessary to perform the work, and that they are aware of our values and mission statement.

Some of the long term advantages you will experience with us include:

> 24 hours / 7 days a week emergency service for burst pipes, break-ins etc. available exclusively to our regular repeat customers only.
> We guarantee our work against faulty workmanship and flow-on manufacturers warranty on all materials.
> Prompt backup service on completed jobs in the event that complications or faults appear after our tradespeople have vacated the site.
> 24 hours / 7 days a week communications access via email, mobile phone and voice mail.
> We keep detailed records for your property / project – helping us help you.

We are Occupational Health and Safety aware, trained and compliant. We observe OH&S legislation and regulations and carry out on regular site inductions prior to and during commencement of work – Ensuring that your site is safe and comfortable for its tenants.
OpalCorp Construction Services is a proud member of the Master Builders Association.
Being a member helps us keep up to date with industry issues - providing quality services to our clients. It also ensures that any dispute is dealt with as per the organisation's processes, giving our clients peace of mind that all dealings with OpalCorp Construction Services will be fair and honest. For more information on Master Builders please click here
OpalCorp Construction Services is an accredited TRADES MONITOR contractor.
Being an accredited contractor ensures our clients that we have been verified as having up to date, relevant and correct insurances, licences and ABNs. It also ensures that we meet compliance requirements for OH&S Acts and Regulations by means of an assessment process. For more information on TRADES MONITOR please click here
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